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«WINTER». A very warm double-sided jacket with a turtle collar for walking in freezing weather. The upper cloth is made of hard windproof over-coating with the double-layered heat insulation.

«RAIN». A lined jacket with a hood for chilly and rainy weather. The upper cloth is made of water- and windproof
material. Сlassical colors — dark blue marine, red or khaki.

«WIND». Autumn jacket for greyhound dogs with turtle neck collar and one - and double layered thermal lining for walk
in the chill weather.

ARAN SWEATERS. Universal model of a sweater, that perfectly fits on flat-coated dogs in autumn and winter for Basenjies, Jack Russel Teriers, Fox Terriers, Ridgebacks, Weimaraners and others.

SWEATER «WIND». Universal model of a sweater, perfectly suited for whippet dogs, greyhounds, salukis and others.. Thank to special hand knit sweater perfectly covers the body and keeps it warm. Eight delicate colors for choice.

«RAIN PATHFINDERS JACKET». Light summer jacket for walk
in the rainy weather. Classical anorak (quick putting through
the head) elongated cut and lower regulated fastener.

«AUTUMN». A flimsy jacket with a turndown collar
and one-layered heat insulation for walking in cool weather.

«PLAIDS OF DREAM LORDS». Knitted very warm and soft
plaid — favorite thing of your dog.

«COLD AUTUMN». A lined jacket with a band-collar
for walking in zero temperatures.

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