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Orders — Jackets and sweaters measurements

Back length

Chest girth

Abdominal girth

Collar height

Neck circumference

Coat height

Height of the chest

Width of the bottom strap

between front legs

Universal measurement scheme for BRAVEHOUND sweaters and coats


1. Back length. Distance between base of the neck and base of the tail


Notice! You need to decide for yourself what would be the length of the coat or the sweater, where should it end ( touch the tail or not) while being on the dog. This would be the back length. Meanwhile point A (see figure1) must be at the same place all the time


2. Chest girth. Must be measured at its widest part.

3. Abdominal girth. Must be measured at its narrowest part.

4. Collar height. Must be measured from the base of the neck to the base of the ear.

5. Neck circumference. Must be measured at the base of the neck

6. Coat height. Preferred height of the coat

7. Height of the chest. Must be measured from the base of neck to the the base
of the front legs.

8. Width of the bottom strap. The distance between front legs and preferred ending of the coat/sweater. Due to anatomical features girls have a longer distance.

9. Distance between front legs.


Ask your dog to stand still, as you can see on the pictures on the left, calm your dog. Use an ordinary soft centimeter tape to get the most accurate measurements.



Notice! Don't measure you dog while it lays, sleeps or sits. Don't trust children or not interested people to measure your dog. Don't let your dog to move or change its position while taking the measurements. If don't follow this recommendations you will get a 100% wrong measurements and this will cause extra expenses for remaking the clothes and its delivery. Don't add extra centimeters to the measurements of your dog. All over measurements needed for comfortable movements are considered in our curves.


Measure your dog in the position showed in the pictures​.



Если у вас возникли вопросы, свяжитесь пожалуйста с Викторией Беловой 
по телефону +7 938 422-87-93 или на нашей странице в Facebook.


Также вы можете сделать звонок в Skype: octarin.vika во время замеров, мы поможем вам, и в этом случае замеры будут максимально правильными.

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